A former warrior for the US, the one known as SICKBOI clawed himself out of hell and joined the PWE where he cut his teeth in the eFederation ranks. He would later join Chaotic Mayhem Wrestling and became their World Heavyweight Champion. His training includes the use of traditonal body locks, Jiu Jitsu and a few other arts at his disposal.

He is known by many names but goes by "The Chosen One". His opponents know when its their time when he ascends the top turnbuckle and takes flight with his 420 Splash "The Raven". This is just a prelude to his version of the sharpshooter "The Pit and the Pendulum".

You'll know when Sickboi is coming with his entrance music "Down with the Sickness". Currently the reigning World Heavyweight Champion for Chaotic Mayhem Wrestling, Legends Champion forIAL, member of CCW and WeW Riot. He represents NeverMore! Opponents should always beware, Dawgs Will Hunt!
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